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At Mechs we offer borehole hydro geological surveys and geophysical assessments in kenya. Hydrogeological assessments can be undertaken on a number of levels and are usually a minimum requirement if an abstraction licence is required.

The geophysical and hydro geological survey typically comprises of (but is not limited to) the following tasks: ascertain the requirements of the customer, location, yield and use; geological assessment, general geology, lithology and structure, Hydro-geology, implications of the geology in terms of water bearing horizons, anticipated yield, hydraulic properties of each aquifer, groundwater flow direction, pathways and rates of flow, aquifer availability, the Environment Agency's classification of the aquifer in terms of availability of water and license, boreholes and abstractions in the catchment and region, including borehole logs and aquifer parameters (where known),Data collection and collation, Groundwater quality assessment, Catchment assessment, an understanding of the anticipated groundwater catchment, Catchment risk assessment, and risks to yield and quality, including the potential for planned activities to result in groundwater contamination and known or expected presence, distribution, concentration and risk from existing contamination, Anticipated yield and quality of abstracted water, Assessment of source, contaminant transport pathways and receptors for groundwater contamination, Initial assessment of health and environmental risk, Borehole design and recommendations

At Mechs we do professional geophysical and hydro geological surveys all over Kenya